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ya fanfiction!

Title: Toxic
Characters: Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, and Hayden Christensen
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I guess I should say that this never occurred, to my knowledge, and I’m sure that these gentlemen are heterosexual. *giggles* Summary: The usual man-love takes place here and all that jazz.
Author: kinnetic17

It’s a normal night at Club AngelDevil. The time was midnight and the boys who frequent the club were in their usual attire, devil horns or angel wings. What would happen here would change three men’s lives forever.
Ewan walks in first, of course in devil horns. He bypasses the young boys on the dance floor and heads straight for the bar. He figures if he’s approached by a younger man, he won’t seem like such a predator. It works, but not how he’d expected.
“I thought you said you’d never set foot in this bloody place again.” Jude, who is wearing glittery angel wings, says as he walks up to Ewan from his side. He knows Ewan doesn’t like places filled with so many people such as this.
“Correction: I said I’d never set foot in this bloody place with you again. You get very, very intense when you dance. You moan. Did you know that? It’s a little intimidating.” Ewan says looking away from Jude after he plucks his wings.
“Fine. But I know I dance good. Just you watch.” As Jude finishes talking, a gorgeous young man steps up to the bar. Jude immediately asks him to dance to show Ewan that he has good moves.
“Hi, I’m Jude. You wanna dance? I love this song. My friend here doesn’t wanna dance. It’s out of the question.” Jude recognizes him from the Star Wars series and glances back at Ewan as if to say I got your apprentice, now beat that bitch.
“I’m Hayden. I’d love to dance but I hate this song. The next song is all yours. Until then, we could just talk and get to know each other.”
Hearing those words come out of Hayden’s mouth caused Ewan to take a second look at this kid trying to take his boy from him. He didn’t even say hi to Ewan. He forgets that Hayden isn’t a little boy anymore. He’s 24 and a “Jedi master”. Even though he basically blows Jude off every chance he gets. He still thinks he’s the hottest boy ever.
Jude notices Ewan staring down him and Hayden and stands between the two. “So, Hayden, I’ve been meaning to ask why you’re wearing both devil ears and angel wings.”
“Oh, yeah. Well it’s basically go both ways. At times, I’m a devil and sometimes I’m an angel. Or you could take it another way. Both ways are true.”
Jude stands speechless with his mouth open. Hayden looks around the room and takes a drink. His emerald eyes sparkle from the disco ball’s lights. His golden blond hair was lit by the neon lights over the bar.
“Pick your chin up, Sweetheart. The next song is coming on in a bit.” Ewan chimes in before Hayden turns back around. Jude does so and realizes that Hayden is reaching out to grab his hand, he grabs it and follows him out to the other side of the dance floor. Hayden seems very confident and before Jude can get his groove right, Hayds turns him around so his bum is on his pelvis.
Toxic plays in the background. “With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride. You’re toxic, I’m slipping under. I’m addicted to you, don’t know that you’re toxic.”
“I LOVE this song! Don’t you? I get so intense with it. It’s great for grinding on folks.” Hayden says as he puts his hands on Jude’s waist.
“Ewan doesn’t like it when I get intense out here. But in other places it’s okay, I guess.”
“You guys get intense in other places? He never told me about that. We’re supposed to be great friends and he won’t let me in that part of his life. So did you guys date?”
“We didn’t date as much as be shag partners for a few years. Nothing really serious.” Jude says as he sighs.
“I can see that you wanted to be serious with him. I don’t mean to be a cock-block but, wanna get outta here and head to my apartment. My brother’s at a meeting and I got the place to myself.”
Jude thinks about it while another song comes on. He grabs Hayden’s hand and walks back to the bar. He says goodnight to Ewan and leaves with Hayden as Ewan looks on.
“So where is your apartment? It’s kind of cold out here.”
Hayden puts his jacket around Jude’s shoulders. “It’s right around the corner. You have any jimmies on you? I may have one but if I don’t, I hope you have one.”
Jude looks unsurprised and pulls one from his pocket and puts it into Hayden’s. “Just for you would I do that.”
“Here we are. This one’s mine. Here’s the key, do the honors. I wanna catch a smoke before know.”
“Ok, I’ll make myself comfortable. Don’t be long. I don’t wanna lose my chubb.” Jude laughs as he opens the door and walks in.
As he enters, he sees that Hayden has his apartment fully decorated like a room from Trading Spaces. He goes straight to the bedroom and sees simple black and white bedding. He jumps into the bed and disrobes. But as he slides into the covers, his hands glide over something rubbery and wet. It is a used jimmy.

Like what you’ve read so far? Wanna see what happens next in the story? If I am given 15 comments on what you would like to see happen or just comments saying it was good, I’ll continue to write about these guys. Tune in to see what happens next.

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